Welcome to the new blog from the team behind SupportBee, MagicBell, and AboutMyBrowser. We are a small, fully remote team, and we have been working on building profitable businesses for almost a decade now. Beyond our professional lives in the software world, we are enthusiastic readers, bakers, cyclists, history buffs, violinists, and many more shades of curiosity and wonder.

As a team, we have always highly valued the process of writing. We find it to be an excellent tool for thinking and learning, and by sharing what we are thinking about, we hope that we can add something of value to the world and participate in a constructive discussion on work and life.

Here is what you can expect to read on this blog -

Our Inspiration

We are voracious readers, avid listeners of podcasts and videos, and lover of arts. We are also discerning customers of other software, hardware, and experiences. Many people inspire us, and we hope to share that inspiration with you in this blog.

Our value system

A company is a set of shared beliefs. We hope to document and share our value system with you on this blog. We are hoping that writing about it is going to help us understand it better and hold ourselves accountable to our value system. A value system is a living organism, and therefore by writing about it, we are aiming for evolution rather than consistency.

Thoughts on the world we live in

We live in a time of unprecedented change - both in terms of how technology shapes our lives and our social environment itself (in terms of race, gender, and social equality). People make software companies, and current events shape our lives. We will share our thoughts on what is going on around the world and how we can participate in making this world a better place.

Tips on staying productive and healthy

We are meditators, fitness buffs, and health food connoisseurs (we also love cakes and pizza!). Productivity, motivation, and health are moving targets, and we are continually experimenting with new techniques. However, we also keep coming back to some tried and tested systems like GTD. Writing about these topics can be pretty subjective, and therefore we promise to always supplement our writing with books or research, so you have more to dig into if something catches your attention.

How we work

Building great products and companies is hard. It's a lot of trial and error to get the processes right and then making sure they can keep evolving as your business shifts gears. We'll share everything from how we manage products, to how we think of marketing (or sometimes, don't think of!) and work culture.

Lessons learned

Every stage of the building, a startup brings with it a new set of challenges and learnings. Over the last ten years, we have learned valuable lessons in hiring, building a remote work culture, pricing our product, and managing our emotional and physical health in the process. We'd like to share some of these with you and hear your perspective on them.

And finally, a few words about the name of this blog. As a co-founder of SupportBee, I have always been fascinated by the idea of high touch customer service - building close relationships with your customers. This blog is our attempt to build better relationships with our customers and stakeholders (prospective employees and partners) by showing them how we work, think, and overcome challenges. Also, we have had this domain for years and wanted to do something interesting with it :)

If you have read thus far, I'd like to thank you and ask you a question - what would you like us to write? Tweet us @SupportBee.